Donate for your own unique tufted carpet

Donate for your own unique tufted carpet

CrowdyHouse is a crowdfunding platform for design. Here designers present their products for funding and ordering. When enough people fund and order a product the designer can realize the product and deliver it to you. Crowdfunding cuts out the middlemen. Your funding goes directly to the designer. With a guaranteed minimum order the designer can use this to keep production costs low. This means a fair profit for the designer and the best price for you. Your funding gives independence to designers. They deal directly with you and have the freedom to create the product in their own way. The design is owned by them and they do not need to sell it to a brand or rely on a shop to deliver it. By supporting designers you get a product that is made possible by you. You are involved from the beginning until the end, from creation until delivery. What you get is a product with a story, a story that you are a part of. 

You and the crowd decide if a product will be created. This is democratizing design. Only the amount of products funded and ordered will be created. With zero over production there is zero waste. 

About the project, written by Lizan:

I offer the Stipmos carpet to CrowdyHouse, which is inspired by lichen and mould. The carpet has 3 levels, it’s made out of wool, it has an organic elongated form and  it can both hang on the wall and lay on the floor. So far the carpets are released as unique pieces.

It’s peculiar to the lichen / mould to grow and to get into houses. Before, I offered ‘Lekkages op bestelling’ (Leakage on order), which are wallpapers on the basis of spots, installed primarily in new houses. The spot was something which potential clients didn’t want to get rid of, because it was a big contribution to the new house and it gave a special feeling to it.

Embracing the imperfection by having a different product in your house is in fact a reaction to the society which we live in, which is overcontrolled. The carpets are handmade in the Textiellab of the Textielmuseum (Textile Museum). Pure wool, tufted in 3 levels, which can be looked at in different perspectives and seem to move. I ‘m satisfied if people can soothe and revive their home with a ‘Stipmos’.PRODUCTION METHOD

The carpet is made in the Tufterij (workplace in the Textile Museum) of the Textiellab, Textile Museum of Tilburg by Hester Onijs. I have been working with her for 4 years and she knows how to turn my ideas into mouldcarpet series. Hester wants to take on the production of about 3 to 5 carpets for the CrowdyHouse.


With Crowdfunding I can produce the carpets in small quantities, each carpet is hand­made and therefore unique.


You can call me or send me an e­mail to make an appointment and you can take a look at my studio. I will deliver the carpet personally to all the people who have supported and ordered the carpet. For delivery outside the Netherlands you have to contact me.

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  • Published at: 8 November 2013