Illusions - knitwear meets technology

Illusions - knitwear meets technology

Ditte Lerche worked at the knitting department in the TextielLab to develop her graduation project for a Masters degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design in Copenhagen.

By: Ditte Lerche, Fashion Knitwear designer with a Masters degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design in Copenhagen.


My graduate collection focuses on illusions, from optical art to anamorfose. My concept is about playing with various visual angles and illusion in the techniques that I use. Using this method I have developed advanced knitted techniques on industrial knitting machines and by hand knitting, and then created a wearable womenswear collection.

Working at the TextielLab

I was given the opportunity to work with Textiellab to develop knitted material for my graduate collection. During my time at the lab I worked closely with knitwear developer Jesse Asjes, which was an absolute pleasure. She helped with programming the Stoll knitting machines and develop further on my ideas. Also Frans and Jan-Willem helped out with the production of the knitted fabrics and overall I had such a good time in the Lab, that I would not hesitate to go back and work with Jesse and her team again. The facilities at the lab is overwhelming and the possibilities endless. A paradise for any textile interested professional.


Graduate Fashion Show 2013: Ditte Lerche from KADK on Vimeo.

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  • Published at: 18 September 2013