Interactive elevator by Samira Boon

Interactive elevator by Samira Boon

Samira Boon investigated for the project Architextiles how to make an elevator interactive. By covering the walls of the elevator with a smart textile it’s possible to capture the presence of human beings in a completely new way. A heat reactive yarn allows the colour to change when the threads are warm, a warm body for instance will leave a light-coloured silhouette. Contact with cool air changes the yarn back to its original colour. The walls of the elevator visibly react to touch.

The interactive lift is part of the exhibition Linking parts at Transnatural in Amsterdam

Architextiles is a research project on innovative interior textile applications, initiated by Fokkema & Partners.

Samira Boon on the internet:


Interactive elevator with heat changing yarn from Samira Boon on Vimeo.

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  • Published at: 1 October 2013