Meet our interns | Tammy

Meet our interns | Tammy

Tammy (22 years old) from Germany has been working at the tufting department in the TextielLab for a couple of weeks now. She works on her graduation project at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg. 

When did you decide: ‘I want to tuft?’
'For a long time, I wanted to study textiles, but in the end I chose for sculpture. Textile is not really a module in this study. However, for my graduation project I want to achieve a result that I can achieve by using the tufting technique. I already knew the main principles of tufting. During my former project I used the technique manually, with one needle. After that, I wanted to apply the technique on a bigger scale and contacted the TextielLab to work in their tufting atelier.

Photo: Tammy draws the design onto the canvas

How did you find out about the TextielLab?
When I found out it wasn’t easy to find an atelier in Germany, I contacted my professor. She told me about the TextielMuseum in the Nederlands where she had done a project thirty years ago. In the lab, all knowledge is available and I can learn a lot from the experts working there. In germany, I could have found an aterlier, but there would have been no one to teach me about the technique.’

What interests you most about the technique?
'When I checked out the TextielMuseum website, I was fascinated by the work of Lizan Freijsen. The optical result is beautiful and it reminds me of my grandma who used to make small carpets by knotting. Today, we work with a machine, but it still hard work. I see it as a challenge to make shapes. You can do it quickly, but that is only when the lines are straight. At the end of the day, the feeling in my arm reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a child. I pushed my arm against the wall, until it started floating as it were, by itself.'   

Photo: detail design

What are you making?
'I am working on my graduation project. It is a page from a calender, in the month September, on which a naked woman is depicted, sitting on a horse. I reduced the colours of the photo, to make it look more like a painting. What intrigues me most, is the time aspect. But it also refers to old handcraft techniques that traditionally were practiced by women. I am going to show this work in Hamburg, together with other sculptures, made from textile and concrete.

Photo: Tammy working with the tufting machine

Whar are your plans fort he future?
'After my internship I will go back to Germany to focus on my graduation. After that, I would like to earn money with what I make, but working in a museum is also an option.'