Wall hangings by Jaime Hayon

Wall hangings by Jaime Hayon

The Spanish designer Jaime Hayon is, according to Times magazine, one of the 100 most influential designer of today. His design studio HAYON / studio has offices in Italy, Spain and the UK.

On the 12th of October Hayon's first solo exhibition Jaime Hayon - Funtastico opens in the Groninger Museum. The emphasis will be on Hayon's autonomous work. In the TextielLab Hayon developed 6 wall hangings for the exhibition. The series is called FAUNA by HAYON.  In an interview Stef Miero, senior product developer tells about this project:

How did Hayon present his designs to you?
Jaime brought six drawings on paper, made with crayons / pencil / markers. The drawings were scanned. Next Stef and Jaime talked about the look of the wall hangings. How should the structure look like? Jaime wanted the wall hangings to have the look of the drawings, with irregularities, color differences.

What is the added value of the technique of weaving for the design?
Weaving gives the flat drawing a structure. Different yarns, such as glossy, mat and thule yarns give an interesting structure. Using single and double weave makes it possible to make some parts of the wall hanging flat and other parts convex.

Jaime as a designer?
Jaime is very interested in the possibilities of the technique. He likes to research the possibilities. Jaime wanted to know the degrees of softness which are possible in a weave. To research this, a plaid was woven. A plaid is not as pliant as the table linen Jaime developed and not as stiff as the wall hangings.


Fragment of Birds by Jaime HayonFor the Groninger Museum six wall hangings were woven. Animals are central in the designs: a crocodile, an elephant, birds, sea animals, insects and monkeys. Birds was also woven for the collection of the TextielMuseum.

2011 was the first year Jaime Hayon worked in the TextielLab. Li Edelkoort invited Hayon to design an object for the exhibition The Pop-Up generation in MOTI (museum of The Image, Breda). Hayon made masks for big porcelain heads. This work ¿Que pasa guey? is also acquired for the museum collection. Hayon also developed table linen for a Spanish restaurant in the TextielLab

Jaime Hayon - Funtastico
Groninger Museum
12th of October 2013 till 30th of March 2014