The TextielLab offers students the opportunity to work in the Lab and use all  techniques, materials and knowledge available.

For weaving and knitting, the TextielMuseum has a strict selection policy for students. We select on motivation, innovation (technical or material) and artistic skills. Limiting the number of projects by using this selection procedure will help us improve our results on innovation and research. Our focus is on interior design and fashion.

Standard prices and conditions are applied to all other techniques.

What are the benefits for students?

Every couple of years, the TextielMuseum publishes a Yearbook/magazine that contains the most successful and interesting projects made in our own Lab. We regularly exhibit (highlights from the TextielLab) work from Young Talents who have worked here too. When your project is selected, you are also in the run for being part of our publication or exhibition!

Weaving and knitting

Each academic year we select six projects that will be executed in the TextielLab. The selection procedure is open to final-year students.

Students can submit their project until August 20, 2019. The application includes a clear and brief description of the project, images and/or design sketch, a portfolio and a letter of motivation. Our standard form on our website can be used:

A selection committee will select the students at the end of August. This committee consists of technical and creative specialists from the TextielMuseum, including curators and product developers.

Take into account that a lot of projects are submitted each year. Applications excluding images or a portfolio will not be processed.

Working period TextielLab: October, November, December.

How much does it cost?

We will of course provide creative and technical support during your yarn research, experimentation and pre-production. The TextielLab will pay 1/2 of the development costs for each selected project. The student will pay 1/2 of the development costs and material costs. Projects take at least three development days and each development day costs €345 (costs for the student: € 172,50-).

Apply now!

Not selected, but still want to work at the TextielLab?

In case of enough capacity, there still is a chance for students to work at the TextielLab for a regular rate (designers rate). This does not apply to weaving. 

Work experience places

For weaving and knitting it is possible to do a long term (3 till 6 months) internship. Internships for embroidery and lasering take one month. We advise an internship of 3 months in case you want to combine techniques.

Internship places are open for students studying at an international textile/fashion/design academy, for students who have just graduated, or students that want to get more experience in their discipline. You will work on a mission that has been carefully chosen together with your internship supervisor. The main reason for this mission is that we want to be able to show clear research results at the end of the internship period. This is how we invest in the knowledge of our own product developers as well as in the knowledge of young talents.

Students can send us an application for an internship or work experience place at any time. This application should contain a motivation letter with a good portfolio.

Internship coordinator: Frank de Wind