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Laser technology

What is laser technology?
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What is laser technology?

A laser beam is a bundled beam of high-intensity light. This strong beam can be used to etch or cut fabric. The strength of the laser can be altered to achieve the desired result.

Every fabric reacts differently to laser technology:

  • Many dyed fabrics can have the colour etched out of them
  • Most synthetic fabrics melt
  • Brown edges tend to appear on light-coloured fabrics

Suitable products

Laser technology is often used to embellish existing fabrics.

Karin de Waard (Yearbook 2013)

Jasmijn Wester (Yearbook 2011)

Annika Syrjämäki (Yearbook 2011)

Lola Barré (Yearbook 2012)

West 8 (Yearbook 2010)

These facilities are particularly suitable for fashion, interior and product designers and students of similar disciplines.
We only accept projects involving unique pieces, prototypes or limited editions. Commercial projects such as etching or cutting logos or emblems, are not accepted.


Available laser technology and software

Technical specifications Graphixscan: 
Brand Graphixscan Laser Engraving Systems
Type LMS Version 7
Strength 50 Watt CO2 laser
Work surface 50 x 50 cm*
Diameter of laser 0,4 mm
Software CadCamTechnology (CCT)
*The fabric can be much larger. The fabric is then done in sections and moved.

Getting started

You start work in the TextielLab as soon as your request has been approved and the contract has been signed. It is important to be well-prepared before starting at the Lab. The information below can help.
TextielLab laser essentials:
  • A digital file in JPEG or Photoshop Illustrator
  • For etching, a JPEG or Illustrator file is needed. For cutting, an Illustrator file is needed
  • Fabric
  • Make sure that you have extra and various fabrics and/or designs to allow for full experimentation
  • For optimal results, it is important to be present during the development of the product
  • A laptop. If required, your design can be adapted on the spot


Cost estimate

Programming, assistance and production for a minimum of 2 hours: € 48,50 per hour
(excluding fabric).

Laser expert

Frank de Wind