Working in the TextielLab

Working in the TextielLab

Why TextielLab?
Getting started with the different techniques
Cost estimate

Why work with the TextielLab?

The TextielLab is part of the TextielMuseum. The extensive library, which includes a well-stocked sample room and textile cabinet, the museum collection and temporary exhibitions can be an important source of information and inspiration for you. Moreover, in the museum your work will be seen by staff (including curators), journalists and visitors. Contact with other designers, artists and talented students results in interesting interaction.

Training and education are of paramount importance in the TextielLab. Our creative and technical teams regularly visit trade fairs and are knowledgeable and well equipped. We also invest in safeguarding knowledge. All our projects are archived and processes are described.

Through intensive collaboration with the TextielLab’s creative and technical teams, you control the whole process. Push your experimental boundaries with machines, software and yarns!

The TextielLab has a large European network of designers, artists, engineers, spinners, yarn suppliers, textile companies, software vendors, workspaces and training institutes.

Click here to view our extensive network.

The TextielLab publishes an annual Yearbook, an illustrated compilation of the most compelling projects from the previous 12 months. The Yearbook is presented during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Several times a year the TextielLab organises Highlights TextielLab, an exhibition of exceptional work on the first floor of the museum.
Projects are also promoted via the website and (social) media.

The TextielLab only publishes projects in consultation with the client.


Getting started with the different techniques

The TextielLab is dedicated to innovation and research. This means that, from the vast number of project applications we receive, we only accept a select few.

Click here for the selection criteria and how to submit an application.

Visit the TextielLab
We advise anyone interested in working with the TextielLab to visit before submitting an application. Meet the teams and ask about the possibilities and yarns available to you.

Explore the possibilities
Browse the website to find out more about the other techniques we offer, the most suitable technique for you, the material and the process.

When planning the days you want to spend in the Lab developing your project, we advise you to leave space between each appointment. Experience shows that new/different ideas often arise after the first visit and the design can change direction.

Cost estimate

We will send you an estimate of the costs once you have filled in and submitted our application form.

For a number of techniques, however, the costs can be estimated in advance.

Cost estimate - Laser technology
A minimum of two hours programming, guidance and production at € 48,50 (excluding material).

Cost estimate - embroidery
The embroidery price consists of the following components:
Programming:  a minimum of two hours at € 48,50 (excluding embroidery stitches)
Embroidery stitches: €1,50 per 1,000 stitches, calculated after completion
Start-up costs:  € 30,00 for a repeat assignment (without programming)

Cost estimate - tufting
The m2 price of an item is between €750 and €1,500. The price depends on:

  • the detail of the design
  • the number of colours
  • the density and
  • the yarns used