Yarn is the TextielLab’s most important building block. In recent years, we have accumulated an extensive collection of basic yarns and order in bulk to reduce delivery times. In addition, the Lab invests in researching and purchasing specific yarns for large assignments, educational projects or other special requests.


Types of yarn

The TextielLab has a number of yarns of varying weights and colours available, including:

  • Vegetable yarns such as organic cotton, linen, raffia and paper
  • Animal yarns such as (merino) wool, mohair, silk and horsehair
  • Semi-synthetic yarns such as viscose
  • Synthetic yarns such as polyester, acrylic, Lurex and nylon
  • Mineral yarns such as metallic and conductive

Moreover, the TextielLab has access to all the new collections from spinning mills in Europe. These can be viewed by appointment.

TextielLab yarn facts

  • Most yarns can be ordered.
  • We maintain active contact with our European yarn suppliers and follow the latest developments in the field.
  • We visit all the (international) yarn fairs.
  • We import and regularly research new yarns, in close consultation with our product developers.
  • We have a specialist who, during the intake of large assignments, advises on the use of yarns.
  • The TextielLab does not sell yarn. The exception is if they are used in a project.